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Server Hosting

We own and operation a data center in Philadelphia, Pa. Using state of the art technology and practices, we maintain a 99.999% up time for our clients. Our servers utilize Linux virtualization making growth and maintenance simple and quick.


Web Hosting

Our Webservers are located in our data center giving them the same advantage as PFIT Hosted Servers.   Combined with a high speed fiber optic connection, you can always count on a speedy load time and optimal end user experience. 


Exchange Hosting

Our exchange servers are also located in our data center. We pride ourselves on not overcrowding these servers. The massive hosting companies cram these servers with users drastically increasing send/receive time.


Application Hosting

Using our data center and an experienced staff of engineers and developers, we are able to host or assist with most mainstream web based applications and development platforms.  Want to integrate with a 3rd party app? We can do that too!


What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is completing a task using the resources of a remote computer. Most people have been doing this for many years without knowing. Web based applications like Facebook, Skype, Dropbox, Salesforce, Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud and LogMeIn are all different forms of cloud computing. The major benefits of the cloud are redundancy of data, ease of access, and cost effectiveness.  Organize and Streamline your business today with the PFIT Cloud.

What about Security?

Most people have heard about the major cloud company hacks like Apple. Because of this, the most common question we get is:
"If a multibillion dollar company can't protect itself, how could anyone." To start, the size of those companies makes them a target. More important is the type of service they provide. Services can be public, private, or a hybrid. Public clouds, like the ones often seen in the news, are far more vulnerable than what we offer at PFIT. Utilizing elevated encryption, secure connection types (like RDP), Cisco firewalls, Linux virtualization, strict passwords requirements, and client awareness training, we ensure your data stays yours.


Healthcare Professionals

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Hear From Our Clients

"I have been backing up my files redundantly onsite for years. I always considered myself very thorough and safe but legally things change and I had to keep offsite backups as well. PFIT filled the gap"

Dr. Robert E. Coifman M.D.

“Access to the development team is crucial when your build strategy must be nimble. PFIT Health grasps this need and creates a collaborative climate necessary for a flexible development process.”

Michael Yom

"After talking about our issues with our former provider PFIT  provided me with and understandable and effective process . The best part is no longer being nickel-and-dimed to death for routine service calls! A++"

Frank McGee

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